Heating & Chilled Water Treatment

The treatment of water in Building Services is essential for the avoidance of corrosion, scale, microbiological and operational fouling. Boilers and associated pipework must be chemically treated and monitored on a regular basis to remove scale and prevent corrosion or bacterial contamination.
Descaling of calorifiers, condensers and heat exchangers maintain their efficiency and prolong their working life.
Prior to any chemical cleaning, dynamic flushing of the system is equally, if not more, important to rid the pipework of silt, sand, hemp, swarf, welding slag and other construction detritus, without causing damage to sensitive items of equipment. Chemical alone will not remove stubborn particles without an agitated process.
Back flushing of system terminal units is a prerequisite to good cleaning practice. Although the amount of sediment likely to be found in any one terminal is not great, accumulation of deposits from possibly several hundred units can be substantial and is the main cause of terminal control valve blockage.
Fine-tuning of automatic water softeners and chemical dosing units ensure that the right concentration is delivered to the system, thus reducing chemical costs.
From the results you can be sure that the nature of the problem has been correctly identified and effectively treated. We support our own analysis of water samples with an independent analysis and issue a Certificate of Conformity to the specification and confirm inhibitor type and dosage levels.
We liaise with the water authorities to maintain acceptable standards and eliminate any possible pollution risks. You can be sure that Sutton will engineer the requirements, apply the cleaning process and water treatment to suit the application and specification.
Quality buildings must ensure that the internal environment is maintained at demonstrated quality levels, to satisfy your occupants Leed, Estidama, ADWEA, DEWA and BREEAM inspections. Quality buildings are assessed against BREEAM or similar (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), the world’s most widely-used Environmental Assessment method for Buildings. Bin Omeir Sutton LLC can assist you in measuring the performance of your building and achieving accreditation in your building’s Environmental performance.