Independent Commissioning Agent / Certifier / Engineer

The Sutton Independent Commissioning Agent / Certifier / Engineer forms an integral part of the project professional team, offering proactive support to the project Commissioning, Inspection and Documentation needs.
Our initial task, after site establishment, is to carry out a Commissionability and Maintainability Review of all design drawings and specifications, thereafter compiling a detailed report with Sutton observations. This is continued throughout the Installation Period, concluding in the detailed witnessing of all systems. Some of the other tasks are as follows:
  • Review the Commissioning and Documentation requirements with each Work Package Contractor and compare their tender method statements.
  • On completion of the reviews, prepare a detailed Critical Path Analysis chart of sequential activities to establish the interdependencies of all activities.
  • Record each activity time scale, external authority attendance and checklist to perform each task. This information forms the basis of the site-wide Commissioning Activity Programme.
  • Organise the Commissioning meetings and regularly update the Commissioning Programme accordingly.
  • Carry out an appraisal of the installation works with a view to Commissionability and continually advise the Management Contractor’s site staff of any areas of concern.
  • Along with the Documentation team, prepare the commissioning documentation and the sub-programmes.
  • Formulate an overall strategic Commissioning Document for the setting-to-work, Commissioning, Balancing and Testing of the systems in their entirety.
  • Witness Pressure Tests on Pipework and Ductwork, report progressively against potential problems with the installation and attend any offsite witnessing.
  • During the final stages of the works, organise and collate the final issue of data for the Operation and Maintenance Manuals, preparing programmes and co-ordinating the input for the Training Manuals to assist in Client Training.
  • During the Project period, continue to define, collect and collate the required Commissioning, Test, and other relevant Documentation from each WP Contractor required to be presented with the Final Handover Manuals.
  • Ensure that all procedures, instrumentation and documentation described are based on BSRIA requirements as well as those laid down by any specialist parties.
  • Review and agree that the Documentation input requirements from each WP Contractor is correct, complete and adequate to satisfy the CDM Regulations and the training of the Client and his operatives.
For more definitive details and the benefits of employing the Sutton Independent Commissioning Agent / Certifier / Engineer please contact Sutton to discuss your specific needs.