Energy Management & Conservation

Plant efficiencies are directly linked to energy usage. Sutton carry out plant performance testing on an annual basis to report/ adjust any deficiencies that have occurred over the last year thus ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Staff comfort and staff performance are also closely related in fine tuning of Controls, Air & Water flow rates back to your Building Management system. Set points, internal conditions are then maintained at their optimum condition, ideally, this should be carried out annually by our Commissioning Engineers for optimum performance.

Indoor air quality audits compliment these controls which can be carried out as part of a planned programme. Water quality audits complete the Building Health Certification.

Power consumption can also be evaluated and detailed recommendations provided to negotiate with the utility provider or consideration be given to the installation of further energy saving devices.

Annual reviews of the complete installation will also identify any new market energy saving devices that may complement Plant Efficiency.