Progress & Production Workshops

The co-ordination on production of handover documentation via a series of Workshops is an approach we promote on all projects. It essentially requires the compilation of the documentation, including the O&M manuals, to be closely co-ordinated from conception to completion and managed in order that an integrated, project-specific manual is achieved.
All manuals must conform to project-determined specification for presentation, format, structure, quality and nature of content. To this end, Sutton Commissioning & Management Consultancy prepares a set of documents based on the project requirements. These define the guidelines for content and provide the producers with a paper and electronic template which incorporates the format, presentation and structure.
To ensure that the information will meet the project requirements, and rather than wait for each WP Contractor to issue their “Draft” O&M Manual late on in the project, each producer is required to present the required information at the various workshops to allow Sutton Commissioning & Management Consultancy to carry out an initial review. These workshops are also used to highlight problems at an early stage of the project. They also offer the opportunity for the producers to discuss queries and to establish effective communication channels between all parties.
In the initial stages of the project, the guidelines and the format template for the manual, in both paper and electronic form, is issued to all the sub/trade contractors and they are asked to review the requirements over a two-week period. At the initial Workshop the specific requirement and dates for each of the Sections within the manual are summarised and issued to the producer. A progressive flow of information over the project timeframe is requested to ensure that the producer can achieve the requirements of the project and to prove that they are making sufficient and satisfactory progress towards the key milestone submission dates (see charts).
Progress meetings are held between the workshops to allow Sutton Commissioning & Management Consultancy to monitor progress of each producer against the overall programme. The progress meetings also give the opportunity to highlight production problems which can be dealt with prior to the workshops.


Samples of Electronic Documentation


Hard copy versus on screen Electronic Digitised O&Ms (473kb)
Operating and Maintenance Manual – Boiler Section (100kb)
Operating and Maintenance Manual – Cooling Water Pump Section (75kb)
Indexing System for Operating and Maintenance Manuals (90kb)
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