Hands-On Commissioning

The systematic Commissioning of Mechanical, Electrical and Controls (MEC) installations are essential to the success of any project, to ensure that sophisticated design and tightly controlled parameters of system performance are achieved.
Detailed specifications for Commissioning being adopted by many Consulting Engineers demonstrate the importance of an effective Commissioning strategy and programme, which reflects the need for skilled and experienced Commissioning Engineers to monitor and carry out the work.
The Commissioning experience and abilities of our site staff and engineering support extends to Building Services in Education, Healthcare, Commercial and Industrial Installations.
These systems can range from large and complex heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to packaged installations in electrical, power distribution, pneumatic and control systems.
Through regulation & Commissioning of the Mechanical, Electrical and Controls System, we can resolve performance issues with the design in meeting the specified requirements.
Particular experience has been achieved in the “clean” and “super clean” environments and with pressure regimes, all associated with hospital theatres and process clean rooms. We have developed and manufactured an Atmospheric Reference Device to stabilise outdoor pressure control systems – the “Slug”.
Our substantial resources and expertise, together with a unique staff training programme, mean no Commissioning projects are outside our range of experience.