New York University Campus, Abu Dhabi

Sutton Role: Project Wide Independent Commissioning Authority

Full Commissioning Management of all 27 Buildings, from Design phase to post-handover.

Roles: Production of a Commissioning Plan, Commissioning Programme, Commissioning Activity Schedule, Commission-ability Review of all Documents (25,000 drawings), Validation of Installation, Chairing Commissioning Meetings, witnessing all tests on site including Static Tests, managing O&M Manual Production and Client Training Manual.



Project Details:

27 Buildings of Mixed Use across the entire Campus, consisting of:

Residential, Laboratories, Offices, Educational, 3 Theatres & Auditoriums, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Sports Stadium, Car Park, Dining & Restaurant areas as follows:

- Approx 117,000m2 of Academic space including, instructional, faculty & administration;

- Approx 142,000m2 of housing for students, faculty and staff;

- Approx 34,000m2 of car parking;

Approx 8200m2 of research areas.