Labour and Execution Court

Sutton Role:

Commissioning TAB Contractor – Sutton contracted to for TAB works for the MEP contractor.


Bin Ladin Contracting Group

Project Details:

The new building of Labour and Execution Court include five floors of parking with more than 300 parking lots for customers and employees. There are eight chambers for the First Instance Court, four chambers for the Appeal Court in addition to two Smart Chambers. The building also includes Court of Execution and its Administrative Departments as well as the services of the Labor Court and its supportive departments. Four floors of the premises with a total area of 35,000 square meters, according to a statement by Dubai Courts.

The premises hosts customer service platforms, a Police office, the headquarters of the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai, an auditorium, a nursery, waiting halls, and all necessary public services. The building has a special design to suit the nature of labour issues and execution, as the building is considered a step ahead to provide public services, save time and effort for customers, and facilitating the completion of their transactions faster.