Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion – The Eye of the Nation, Dubai

Sutton Role:

Commissioning Management Contractor – Sutton providing Commissioning Management support to the Main & MEPD subcontractor on the project, assisting with production of commissioning documentation, handover deliverables and witnessing of all commissioning activities. Sutton also provided the HVAC TAB services in the project.



Project Details:

Calatrava’s design is meant to evoke the wings of a falcon in flight, linking itself to the country’s history of falconry to emphasize the country’s present-day goals of global connectedness. The design proposes a 15,000 square meter pavilion with exhibition areas, an auditorium, food and beverage outlets, and VIP lounges. The UAE Pavilion covers four floors, including a 1,717-square-meter top story hospitality lounge. A 588-square-metre mezzanine will house support functions, with the remaining two floors containing 12,000 square meters of exhibition space showcasing displays that respond to the Expo theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” UAE Pavilion also holds LEED Platinum Certification.